Though uncertain as to what Brexit will deliver, the OQEMA group is committed to ensuring that all of our suppliers and customers are aware of our plans.

As of November 2018, UK Government has made an agreement with the EU but it is still unclear what the trade terms with the EU will be. As it stands, the UK government has confirmed that the UK will leave the Customs Union and the single market.

The transition period agreed will mean that the UK effectively remains in the customs union and the single market until the end of 2020.

During this period, the UK government will attempt to negotiate a trade deal with Europe.

The OQEMA position will dynamically adapt to the conditions that emerge but, for now, we can assure continuity of supply due to:

  • OQEMA being experienced in the importation and exportation of goods globally
  • OQEMA maintains a strong financial base with a pan European distribution network with companies located throughout Europe able to provide logistical support to ensure an uninterrupted supply to our clients

These locations can be utilised to mitigate the impact of changes caused by supply and currency implications that we anticipate will be caused by Brexit.

OQEMA is already well placed to adopt the REACH policy that emerges from these negotiations. We anticipate a continued relationship between the UK and ECHA and have systems in place to adapt and adopt.

There is a possibility that tariffs may change and we will manage, advise and implement whilst consulting with customers and suppliers to minimise the impact to all. However, we do advise caution and trust that our customers will consider the possibilities that could emerge after BREXIT.

Our current advice is that customers should consider allowing longer lead times and perhaps also consider placing orders in advance in order to work with OQEMA to manage any potential disruption that may occur.

Though OQEMA is and remains an optimistic organisation, we also adopt a realistic and pragmatic view.

Whatever the situation, customers and suppliers can rely upon OQEMA to look for opportunities toenhance the service that we offer to our partners. The chemical industry faces regular challenges from raw material supply, currency and regulation. Through reasoned analysis and rationale, OQEMA remains well positioned to guide and support our partners through these uncertain times.

We welcome comments and suggestions from all partners. Please contact your OQEMA representative with
any input.